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Nutritional Services

VAST recognizes that the needs and desires of each producer are unique, and therefore we tailor our nutritional consulting services to meet those needs. 

Our Expertise

Wayne Cast and Dr. Chad Hagen are recognized as two of the top nutritionists in the U.S. swine industry, with a combined 55-plus years of experience working with industry-leading production companies. Having spent the bulk of their professional careers in operating roles with companies such as Iowa Select Farms, Christensen Farms and Premium Standard Farms, Wayne and Chad have had senior management level responsibility and strict accountability for superior performance. They possess not only the technical expertise required of an industry-leading nutritionist, but combine this expertise with the practical and pragmatic experience of implementation in diverse production operating environments, including an intimate knowledge of health, genetics, production flow and performance, and systems management, all of which are key components in establishing a comprehensive nutritional strategy tailored to an individual producers' operating situation.