VAST | Livestock and Poultry Products

At Value-Added Science and Technologies (VAST) we are recognized for our steadfast devotion to improving the competitiveness of animal producers through objective, disciplined applications of innovative products and services. 

VAST is dedicated to helping its clients accomplish their goals for enhanced competiveness through increased productivity, lower cost and improved profitability, balanced with social responsibility.


Guiding Principles

We believe that the success of our company will be driven by the following overriding principles

Customer Servants – servants to the animal producers we serve, with a principle goal of improving their competitive position and prosperity.

Objectivity – exercising complete objectivity in operations, sales and marketing activities by prioritizing those products and services which are in the best interests of our customers.

Discipline – applying strict rigor and thoroughness in our approach to evaluating and identifying products and services which best provide value to our customers.




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